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Boardma Income Theme

boardma theme, boardma income program theme

Project Done By : Etz Adegold Opsix

General Site Type : Income Site

Yes ! You saw BOARDMA INCOME right ? Absolutely yes and right we are equally proud of our projects. We designed and developed the full Boardma icome site with full knowledge and talent.
boardma income program

What does boardma income do ?

Boardma income site is a competition site that pay all it’s users for the required options ordered by the official.

What type of competition does Boardma Income Official Offers ?

Specifically Boardma Income offers two basic plans , 1 for the Dancers competition and other for voters

What Does These Two competition plans means and how they work ?

Dancers Competition: This is possibly made whereby each participator make their payment and also write the site link on a paper and hold or pin to the place you wanna dance, therefore you start your dance and send to the admin for review… Best 3 dancers win and cashout to their bank

Voters Competition: I can’t say much on this though but i could say only on what Adegold Opsix Techand the boardma admins conversed on. You can visit the site here so as to know much about the second plan.

See the Screenshots preview below so as to clarify the works of Adegold Opsix Technologies
boardma income program
boardma income program

We Are Proud Of Our Projects… And we would love to make your’s also bascially and creativity, why don’t you HIRE US for your project ??

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