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Nairaland Forum Script Download

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Project By: Adegold Opsix
General Forum Type: MyBB Forum
Site Forum Design: Nairaland Forum

Soooooooooooooo cooooooooooool !!! And Wow to all those users who love Nairaland Forum for different type of their aspect… We proudly announce that We just make a basically and specifically Nairaland design in our onboard project… We repeat , we hate clonning , we only look for structure and how a site works and we use that to create our’s…. For Now we basically make this theme available for purchase but you will be the one to order it via our whatsapp or our purchase support team on Adegold Opsix Technologies

We did this through our hardwork and supporting team, so it won’t be making sense denying you support if the theme has breakage or leak out…. That is the reason why we said you should purchase this theme

Theme & Template Category Aspect

Header: Basically and specifically, all the necessary things in the header is there. For logged user and unlogged user…. See screenshot below
Nairaland mybb forum theme

Footer: This is full design of the main corel and the design was so cool to the extent that your advertisment page at the footer does not contract / disfigure the whole site and we integrate all the go to up functions for easy navigation

nairaland forum theme

Index page: All post category is located here, whereby you can re modify this yourself after you order and purchase it.. The index contain the forum categories, cool dynamic floating in center. We gat no worries about that… Any fixation will be applied to all
nairaland forum mybb theme

Portal page: This is where the latest post will show and we do this to our own like and basic structure.. We dis it dynamically for your easy access.. You can also remodify it
nairaland forum theme

Profile page / User cp: This user cp was done dynamically.. Nairaland owner will even see and give out big bravo to us… The profile contains the header, logos, signature, user profile navigations and arreas…it contains the user menu for easy and fast navigation to other pages ans sets… See screenshot below….
nairaland forum theme download

Visit MyBB Theme Installation page to know how to install the theme successfully if you have purchased it

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